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Electronic Product Design

We're an electronics R&D lab located in Bethnal Green, East London:
electronic design, product prototyping, testing and certification for UK and int
ernational markets.

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Electronic circuit, notebook and equations
Our Services

We have extensive expertise in electronic/RF design and test, working with clients in the UK and worldwide. Our capabilities include

  • Radio-frequency design (LoRa, ISM, L-band satellite, 3G/4G/5G and other sub-6GHz applications)

  • High-speed digital PCB design
  • Custom antenna design and characterisation

  • C firmware development

  • PCB reverse engineering - certification diagrams or replacement part manufacture

  • 3D printing of prototypes and enclosures

  • Hand assembly of prototype PCBs

  • Low-volume PCB rework and repair

  • Product testing and debugging

  • EMC/EMI pre-certification

  • Hourly lab/facility rental

We focus closely on bringing your concept to market, while offering cost-effective access to high-end lab equipment and experienced technical staff.

We also sell a range of our own radio products under our Paradar and Bluespot brands.

About Us
Electronic circuit design diagram

Digital product design

Digital circuit design, analysis, and PCB design for projects ranging from a breakout or adapter to a high-speed multi-board digital system. We design iteratively, testing to your requirements at each stage of the development process.

Our lab, assembly and 3D-printing facilities in London mean we can have a prototype in your hands within 2-3 weeks.

Penetration testing and IP protection

IoT hardware security and IP protection is often overlooked. We have significant expertise in reverse engineering and evaluation of embedded systems.

We can evaluate your product and provide recommendations to improve your product security, firmware integrity, and ensure your IP is secure.

3D Printing

We offer 3D design, 3D printing for rapid prototyping, as well as medium-volume contract 3D printing services.

Our location in central London means we can get parts to you quickly and conveniently.

Firmware development

We develop embedded firmware in C or C++, embedded or as part of a real-time operating system. We also advise on backend API design and integration for IoT products.

EMC pre-certification

CE, FCC and UKCA certification for EMC and EMI can be the most difficult stage of new product development. We have significant experience taking products through this process, and we can guide you to a successful result.

Our EMC pre-certification services mirror the EMC/EMI compliance tests in a non-certified environment, allowing you to identify any issues with your product before engaging an expensive certified laboratory.


EMC pre-certification can be significantly more cost effective than multiple rounds of compliance testing.

Open source

We love open source software, and we work in KiCAD for PCB and schematic design, and Blender for 3D design.


For electromagnetic modelling, antenna design, impedance matching and stackup analysis, we use Sonnet electromagnetics.

RF design

Our RF test laboratory in Bethnal Green, London allows us to develop and test complex microwave systems.

We have experience in microwave antenna design and tuning (including PCB patch antenna arrays), system matching, filters and amplifiers. We can troubleshoot existing systems.

We're equipped for RF projects <6GHz and <20W, but can advise on mmWave and power engineering projects outside this range.

Laboratory rental

We have a fully equipped RF & EMC test laboratory in central London, available for hire by the hour or day. Get in touch for an up-to-date equipment list and pricing.

Students and academia

We offer discounted prices for students and academic customers. Please get in touch.

Get in Touch

We'd love to hear more about your project. Send us a message with a brief summary, and we'll schedule some time to discuss further.

Unit 309 The Pill Box

115 Coventry Road

London, E2 6GG

United Kingdom

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Schedule a meeting directly for an initial chat. We'll discuss your requirements and outline some next steps to take your project forward.

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